Ph.D. Stipend

Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

Aalborg University, Denmark

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, the Doctoral School of Biotechnology at the Department of Life Sciences, Aalborg University, a PhD stipend no. 562/06-18-25767 is available within the area of Atomic Force Microscopy studies on membrane proteins. Applicants with a background in protein science will be preferred. The stipend is financed by a grant to BioNET, the Danish center for experimental and theoretical biophysics, which involves groups from Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen University (  BioNET is funded by the VILLUM KANN RASMUSSEN FOUNDATION. The project is jointly supervised by groups at AAU and SDU, and the successful applicant will have to spend time at both institutions and will also be attached to the Graduate School of Molecular Biophysics (

For further information contact Professor Daniel Otzen ( or Professor Ole G. Mouritsen ( More information can be found at and

The PhD stipend is available from October 1, 2005 or as soon as possible after this date.


PhD stipends are normally allocated to individuals who hold a Master's degree.


PhD stipends normally have a duration of 3 years and it is a prerequisite for allocation of the stipend that enrolment as a PhD student at the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Engineering and Science takes place with reference to completion of a research education according to the regulations of the Ministerial Order No. 114 of  8. March 2002 about  the PhD degree. According to the Ministerial Order the progress of the PhD student shall be assessed every six months. It is a prerequisite for continuation of payment that the previous progress is approved at the time of the evaluation.


The qualifications of the applicant will be assessed by an assessment committee. On the basis of the recommendation of the assessment committee the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science will make a decision for allocating the stipend.


The salary will be according to the agreement of May 26, 2000 between  the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations regarding holders of a PhD stipend.


The net salary amounts to DKK 244,370.- per year plus a  pension contribution of  DKK 32.452,- (16.6 per cent of 80 per  cent of the salary). Full salary during illness is paid. Holidays according to the regulations in the Holidays with Pay Act.


Application marked PhD stipend no. 562/06-18-25767, Diploma, publications, Curriculum Vitae, proposal for a PhD study plan and any other material as well as a list of submitted material must be forwarded in 4 copies to address given below no later than Monday 19th September, 2005 by the morning mail.


Aalborg University

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